Darshana is a bright-light creative. She talks about human restoration, human vitalization. I call her Darshana, another version of my name, Darcia. In this way, I try to live up to the name my parents bestowed on me, though they did not know what it meant at the time. Darsha means “to see, to perceive, to have vision" in Hindi and Sanskrit. Interestingly, my father was arguing for a different name for me. My mother wanted Darcia. My father wanted Delma. they did not know what either name meant. But Delma means “Noble protector” in German. So in a way I’m trying to live up to both names. My middle name is Fe, as in Santa Fe, meaning faith. So I take up that mantle too as I move forward on a path unknown with this podcast.

Darshana is a lifted visionary, a visionary lifted by love, by faith, by the strength of wise ancestors and by a wise natural world. Darshana points to hope, points to wisdom.

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