Worry Wench

My persona Worry Wench discusses big picture things, like what is happening to society, what’s happening to the earth, what’s happening to our wellbeing.

And she thinks nothing much else is going to matter unless we turn around on our current path, metanoia, turn around. Repent. If humanity is going to thrive, we need to do that. Right now we’ve lost our way. We are living wasteful, selfish lives, as if people are machines and soulless, as if the earth is an endless supermarket of objects to take and toss,

Of course these worries go back to Primal Protector’s concerns. How we raise our children, how we raise those brains of our children.

Worry Wench, is part of the anxious view of where we are going, paying attention to data, how we are going over the cliff at the moment.

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