Primal Protector

Primal Protector talks of the needs of babies and children. Primal Protector is a rabid advocate for children’s rights and for their tender care. Primal Protector believes and knows that mothering matters. Nurturing matters. Babies need tenderness to grow rightly. And that society needs to pay attention to these early seeds of their citizens so that the society itself flourishes.

I don’t have children, I always wanted a few dozen, but it did not work out for me. I realized now that it is a good thing because it gives me the objectivity, no personal interest in defending my choices as a parent, to discuss the research, the scholarship on what helps children thrive.

Humans are very malleable in early months and years of life. They are meant to be shaped by the early nest, that means tenderness at birth, soothing birth experience, lots of affectionate cuddling, breastfeeding 2-5 years--should be around 4 or 5 years, immune system has all needed for the immune system. And then multiple adult responsive caregivers, so that mother is responsive to the needs of the child, keeping that baby from getting distressed, so is dad, grandma, auntie, uncle.

Another feature of the evolved nest is wanting the child to be there, a positive climate, the baby having positive impact on others, making them smile, for example. Another feature of the evolved nest is having free play outdoors, with multiple age playmates running around, playing tag, wrestling. That’s what children should be doing most their childhoods if they are going to build their full capacities.

So that’s part of what I study in my lab work, as a psychology professor, the evolved nest.

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