About Heartseeds Sisters Podcasts

Welcome to Heartseeds Sisters Podcasts.

Heartseeds serves as a fountainhead for transforming communities, supplying a wealth of ideas and resources for heart-minded reconstruction of living on the earth.

These podcasts are voiced by four sister personas:

Primal Protector is a rabid advocate for children’s rights and for their tender care.

Virtue Venturer is trying to learn the ways of virtue.

Worry Wench discusses big picture things, like what is happening to society, the earth, our wellbeing.

Darshana is a lifted visionary, a visionary lifted by love, by faith, by the strength of wise ancestors and by a wise natural world. Darshana points to hope, points to wisdom.

Podcasts are created by Darcia Narvaez, professor of psychology at the University of Notre Dame, blogger at Psychology Today ("Moral Landscapes") and author of "Neurobiology and the Development of Human Morality: Evolution, Culture and wisdom".

For more information about Dr. Narvaez, see her ACADEMIC WEBSITE (with lots to see and download) or her GENERAL WEBSITE.

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